General Instructions on Homeopathic Treatment

1.   All Homeopathic Remedies Should be taken empty stomach (unless advised otherwise).

2.   Do not eat/drink 15-30 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedies (except in emergency).    

3.   Do not touch the actual remedy with your hands, place remedy on the cap or use a spoon. 

4.   Place the medication on/under your tongue and let it dissolve on its own

5.   All remedies should be taken without water except liquid/drops. Pills/globules should not be chewed and swallowed.

6.   Do not consume coffee, onions, garlic, or any other strong smelling food/substances, and do not use strong perfume during the course of homeopathic treatment.

7.   Do not keep/open your remedy where there are any strong smells like cigarette smoke, room spray etc.

8.   Do not brush your teeth 15-30 minutes before and after taking the homeopathic remedy.

9.   Only take the dose that has been recommended by the consultant for you.

10. Keep all Remedies/medicines out of reach of children. 

11. Patients who use life-saving drugs or suffer from Heart problems, asthma, diabetes, tuberculosis or any other life threatening disease, shouldn't stop their regular medication unless they have been advised by their Doctor.

12. In case of emergency, please contact your Family Doctor or attend Acute & Emergency.