Your First Consultation With A Homeopath

The first consultation takes about  1-1 ½  hours. Your homeopath will ask you to fill up the intake form and sign the consent form.

During first consultation, You talk in detail about yourself and your complaints to your homeopath. Your homeopath too will ask some questions about your lifestyle, emotional, mental and physical health, levels of stress, any fears you may have, and reactions to aspects of the environment. This helps the homeopathic practitioner to get a clear idea of who you are and what your complaints are; how you function in day-to-day life, your character traits. Every individual patient in homeopathy is considered as unique/different case and dealt in a individualized manner.

All the symptoms from head to foot, physical to mental/nature, local to general are considered and the unique individualized portrait of the person is formed. On the basis of your portrait, a homeopathic remedy is chosen that can trigger the vital powers (immunity) of your body to response and restore your health. You will be able to enjoy your life once again.

Do not hesitate while describing yourself and your complaints. Describe clearly and freely to your homeopath during the homeopathic consultation. You may feel that some signs and symptoms that you have are not worth to mention or they are weird or not easy to explain. Take your time and explain everything possible. These are very important to the classical homeopath for selecting the appropriate remedy. Please do not hesitate to talk about them. During each follow-up your state of health will be re-assessed.

During homeopathic treatment, you should continue taking all the life-sustaining pills prescribed by your family doctor. During the homeopathic treatment it may be necessary to have further laboratory tests performed or maybe you wish to use other therapies. If required, You will be referred to your family doctor, therapist or other doctor. For homeopathic treatment you do not need a referral from your family doctor.